What Am I doing...

What am I doing...

Since I know that I have to put more effort

To strive for Allah's blessing..

What am I doing...

Since i know that studying 

is not a reason for me for not obeying Allah's order...

What am I doing...

When I know the content of the Quran and the Sunnah

and have to spread it at least one word..

What am I doing..

Since I know that i can turn to Allah

whenever i feel lonely and homesick..

What am I doing...

Since I know that Allah has given me so much Blessings

and  yet I'm still be less thankful to Him..

What am I doing...What am I doing..

or...should i say...What are we doing...

Whenever you and me already knew..

That the FINAL DESTINATION is definitely going to come 

and we still yet..do not prepare that much..to meet Him on that 'special' day..

Astaghfirullah ( Forgive me , ya Allah)


*Allah = our the One and Only God


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